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Pulanna Online Store

Pulanna Online Store

Task: to develop an online store for Pulanna Cosmetics. These beauty products are manufactured using only the best quality natural raw materials and are made at a low-temperature that allows the manufacturer to maintain the efficiency and useful effect of the natural ingredients. The entire range of beauty products is hypoallergenic and thrifty.

Release date: 12.06.2015

Materials for the online store

We gathered information on the products, wrote and translated texts. The products were photographed.


The online store’s structure and elements


Information architecture


Series description

In order to make the selection of products simpler we wrote a short and simple description for each series and marked its target age group.


Selection of beauty products in 3 easy steps

For a new customer, we have created a filter that helps with the selection of beauty products in three steps. The buyer can easily sort through the necessary products and receives necessary information on the fly.

Also looks great in mobile devices

Responsive Design

Print materials for the online store

The customer asked us to come up with presents for clients that would be added to their purchases. One of these gifts is a small insert with a Christmas card and small chocolates. Another possible gift is a 5 € coupon. A miniature chocolate bar included with every purchase was also designed.

Christmas Card


5 € coupon




Customer feedback

Julia Svintitskaja

Julia Svintitskaja

Company owner — is the 4th online store, so I have something to compare with. Here are the benefits of collaborating with D2: efficiency, creativity, professionalism. If it is hard to imagine for you, what is the website itself, how to start and promote – trust D2 specialists. Every step of the creation process till the website administration goes fast, clear and correctly. I like that the guys offer the best possible option to implement your ideas, at the same time saving your time and money. Drop some notes for the near future: stocks, campaigns in social networks or websites, and do some other things. Everything will be done clearly with a strictly agreed deadline. You will not have to supervise stuff and website activity. Your expenses will be fully justified.