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Veta Logotype and Print Materials

Veta Logotype and Print Materials

Veta is an Estonian clothing brand that incorporates a unique style, comfort of natural materials and classic knitting and sewing quality. All Veta models are distinguished by their original design, while modern knitting and sewing equipment ensures that Veta products are always top-quality.

Release date: 01.04.2011


Idea for the logo—a stitch that looks like the letter V.

Main version of the logo
Emblems for collections

Logos for collections

Veta produces clothing for women, men and children. The collections include knitted scarves, mittens, socks and hats. We created a logo for every collection. The logo emblem of each collection can be used separately on other production materials.

Women Collection
Men Collection
Kids Collection
Home Collection
Hats Collection
Scarves Collection
Poncho Collection
Gifts Collection

Instructions for use

We created digital instructions on how to use the logos. Rules were created on how to apply logos on clothes tags and shop facades.

Customer’s and employee’s cards

We designed discount cards for regular customers and employees.

Clothes tags

We designed clothes tags. Each tag is hand-made with love. The emblem is applied with a lacquer that is pleasant to the touch.

Veta Labels
Veta Labels
Veta Labels

Product material

We also designed additional tags to identify products by their material type. Red means wool, blue means flax.



We came up with a booklet design for new collections.

Side A
Side B